Liz  Mullinar

Liz Mullinar

Liz is a survivor of incest and other childhood trauma. She originally founded the first national charity in Australia ASCA by survivors for survivors followed by the Heal for Live Foundation in 1999 utilizing her innate knowledge as a survivor to formulate a program to empower others to heal themselves.
The Foundation is run for and by survivors of childhood trauma. She has authored two books “Breaking the Silence” and “The Liz Mullinar Story” published by Hodder Headline, to encourage anyone who has suffered from childhood trauma to heal.
She was awarded an Order of Australia in 1997, a centenary medal in 2000 and honoured on “This is Your life” in 2001. She was awarded the first humanitarian award in 2003. In 2009 she was named NSW volunteer of the year. HFL now runs programs in the Philippines as well as in the UK. She is passionate for everyone to recognize that you can heal from child abuse. She now trains others in the Heal For Life model so a more people can be helped.