Dave  Sanderson

Dave Sanderson

Since the “Miracle on the Hudson,” considered to be the most successful ditching in aviation history, Dave Sanderson has built a career as a motivational speaker, mentor and author. Dave averages over 100 speeches a year for major institutions across the globe. In his presentations, he teaches “The 12 Resources to Create Your Own Personal Flight Plan TM,” precepts that enabled him to become a top producer in some of the largest sales organizations in the world, and ultimately enabled him to survive the plane crash. He has donated his speaker services at countless fundraisers that have raised over $8.56 Million for the American Red Cross, an expression of gratitude for the care he received from the first person he saw after he was rescued: a Red Cross volunteer with a blanket. In his new book, Moments Matter, Dave discusses how to turn a potential tragedy into an opportunity to survive, grow, and add even more value. He can be reached at davesandersonspeaks.com