Carolyn  Palliardi

Carolyn Palliardi

Born out of frustration, Aussie mom Carolyn developed 808 DUDE, who wanted to give her teen boy natural skin care products that worked and weren’t full of crappy chemicals. So she developed a body care range designed just for teens and their unique needs. A range where the packaging would appeal to and speak the language of today’s teen. A range that was a win/win for both mother and son! After two years of research and development, a line of ‘no brainer’ products were created, containing no crap, in totally sick ‘street art’ inspired packaging. The result? 808 Dude grooming products which offer a natural solution to stinky teens. Carolyn, former beauty editor and author would stand in the aisle of a supermarket looking for options for teen boys – absolutely nothing! There was nothing that actually catered for the hormonal changes going on in a teen boys body. “A boy’s skin is not the same as a man’s nor is their hair,” she says.