Joe  Resnick

Joe Resnick

Dr. Joseph A. Resnick leads major international projects in China, South America, Europe and the USA for RMANNCO, Inc. He earned the Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the Union Institute and University based on his research and collaboration with NASA to develop new environmentally-friendly products to cleanup oil spills. That work led to development and commercialization of an arsenal of eco-friendly sustainable oil spill cleanup products, resulting in his induction into NASA’s Spinoff Hall of Fame in 1996.
After a fifteen-year stint as Chief Scientist for a multi-national company involved with large-scale bioremediation projects, he decided to return to academia and continue his research.
Dr. Resnick was nominated by Colleagues in 2013 and 2014 for consideration for both the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement and was short-listed as a Semi-Finalist for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment.