Emilio  Palafox

Emilio Palafox

Emilio is an independent oil & gas consultant, coach, bio-hacker, advisor, entrepreneur and lifestyle designer. Emilio grew up in El Paso, TX. He acquired his Bachelor’s in Finance & Economics at Texas State University. Emilio is an experienced Financial Analyst who has worked for companies such as Chevron and BHP Billiton and has continued his proven track record of turning nothing into something. In 2014, Emilio decided to become an Independent Oil & Gas Consultant. Emilio help companies become more efficient, effective and successful at their operations by doing SAP Implementations in Production, Revenue and Royalty Accounting. In 2016, Emilio decided to put his talents, passions and “why” for life into starting his own coaching business where he currently does the same thing he did for companies, but this time for individuals. Emilio coaches on High Performance & Human Potential Development, which embraces the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual quadrants.