Tom  Page

Tom Page

Thomas E. Page, a former Officer in Charge of the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Unit, began his law enforcement career with the Detroit Police Department. Before undertaking a law enforcement career, Mr. Page served the Wayne County, Michigan Health Department for five years as a public health worker.
Mr. Page assisted in the coordination of the 1985 Los Angeles Field Validation Test (173 case study) of the DRE Procedure. This study validated the effectiveness and reliability of a standardized and systematic approach to drug influence recognition. Mr. Page was also a member of the initial DRE curriculum development cadre. This cadre created the first formal DRE course curricula.
Mr. Page has taught drug influence recognition and criminal justice topics to a wide range of audiences and has authored numerous articles. He received his BA degree in Psychology, and his Master of Arts degree in Urban Studies from the University of Detroit.