Estefania "Kuky" Villafuerte

Estefania “Kuky” Villafuerte is the founder of SENORITA, a solidarity project comprised of girls helping other girls succeed, specifically by raising money through the sale of jewelry to fund the education of Peruvian girls living in orphanages. Kuky herself is originally from Peru, educated in the United States, and lends her previous experience creating a successful company offering decadent cupcakes and many years of volunteer experience to her social entrepreneur venture. After volunteering in various social organizations, she found a deep and amazing connection with the Senoritas (teenage girls) and came to the profound personal understanding that a woman with education could make a positive impact on her family and community. Senorita is a project where everyone is welcome to participate. Purchasing jewelry, giving charity donations, or donating your talent are just some forms to contribute.