Eddie  Vega

Eddie Vega

Eddie is from the Philippines and Guam. He runs marathons BAREFOOT to raise money for people who need shoes! His passion is helping others! Eddie had contracted a hookworm disease infection during his childhood due to playing outside barefoot. This is a zoonotic disease that can cause serious illness internally. Eddie then began an advocacy campaign because of a dare of running a marathon barefoot because of not having a shoe on the event. After his parents passed away, he decided to run barefoot all the way in dedication to his parents. He is passionately working with Sole4Souls, a charitable organization that distributes thousands of shoes to impoverished countries. He was able to materialize 13,000 brand new pairs of shoes to help with those in need after Typhoon Yolanda. He has run marathons on all 50 states, Japan, the Philippines, and in some parts in Asia. He was also given a Modern Day Pinoy Heroes Recognition by the Western Union Philippines.