Toti  Cadavid

Toti Cadavid

Toti Cadavid is a seasoned multicultural marketing and communications strategist with solid expertise in domestic and international markets. After a near death experience, Toti launched Essencialize, a conscious branding and leadership development company that focuses on helping clients obtain inner alignment with their purpose and brand. As a result, individuals develop the clarity needed to be more effective leaders, and their organizations reach higher levels of success.
Toti holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business, a masters’ degree in Marketing, another master’s degree in Management & Organizational Development, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, all from the University of Colorado. Toti is also a graduate of Harvard’s Executive Management Program. She holds a QSCA coaching certification and is a licensed master-level graduate of the Avatar Self-Empowerment Training Program. Toti is a co-author of the bestseller Pebbles in the Pond: Wave Four.