Terrie  Christine

Terrie Christine

Terrie Christine is an Internationally known Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Speaker, Author and creator of The Secret Power of You Master Course.
After experiencing a spiritual epiphany, Terrie found herself on a journey building and supporting what she calls her "super powers". She is Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling).
Most people cannot connect to the blocks that hold them back from receiving love, happiness, peace or abundance. They live their lives being triggered by what another says or does. Simply put, she can connect to your energy and reveal when you accepted this block, at what age and by whom and then energetically shift this block out of our subconscious so you can bring in all that you deserve in your life
She has worked with clients all over the world and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community.