Amelia  Terrapin

Amelia Terrapin

Amelia Terrapin is an experienced dancer, facilitator, systems thinker and educator. Reluctant to choose between art and science, her work unites the two. By integrating her experience as a dancer and her love of science, she has developed an approach that teaches STEM concepts through movement. Amelia founded Mobius Method to use movement as a powerful tool for groups that range from schoolchildren and at-risk teens to engineers and business executives. Through movement, participants gain a deep understanding of complex ideas, build trust through shared reflection, and discover new ways to collaborate effectively. Previous clients have included Engineers Without Borders Canada, North Dakota STEM Network, Teton Science School, the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations and MetaIntegral Associates. Amelia is excited about contributing to a world where our whole selves are invited into our school and work environments, unleashing passionate, purposeful lives.