Carter  Niemeyer

Carter Niemeyer

Carter Niemeyer was a district supervisor for USDA Wildlife Services in western Montana managing and controlling large predators. He was recruited by the USFW to run the federal wolf recovery program and member of Canada wolf capture reintroduction team during the mid-1990s. For 26 years Carter was the wolf management specialist for USDA Wildlife Services covering the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming where he was responsible for livestock depredation investigations as well as wolf capture and removal. in Idaho he retired in 2006, coincidentally on the same day wolf management was officially handed over to the state of Idaho. Since retiring he has worked for Washington State University on livestock/wolf interaction research and in northern California on emerging wolf issues. His work has taken him to England, Scotland, France and Kyrgyzstan. In 2010 he published his first memoir Wolfer, and his second bookWolf Land, was published this year.