Fiona  Tankard

Fiona Tankard

The themes of death and love have always interested British writer Fiona Tankard and feature in her latest book Ruby and the Ghost Dog about 10-year-old Ruby, who has to cope with the death of her father and the upheaval of moving to another country. She is helped by the power of love, plus a bit of magic - and a ghost dog! Fiona has woven many of her own experiences into the book, including the deaths of her mother, her husband Alan and some of her pets. Fiona has a degree in English & American Literature, postgrad qualifications in teaching and publishing and worked as a teacher trainer before editing the popular British lifestyle magazine ITALY. Fiona and Alan moved into a ruin in Umbria, Italy in 1994. The ghost dog in the book is based on Gaspare, an English Setter she rescued in 2009. He is very much alive and lives with Fiona's other rescue dog Mana, cat Misty and seven alpacas.