Lisa  Luckett

Lisa Luckett

Lisa Luckett's life changed on 9/11, when her husband was killed in the World Trade Center. But along with tragedy came healing. Her mantra “Choose Courage” is the foundation of her social vision reminding us that we are strong, resilient and have a choice in how we live our lives. Lisa is the Founder of Cozmeena Enlightened Living. Cozmeena is a lifestyle brand and social movement based on warmth, comfort, care, consideration, grace and decency. Quite simply, Cozmeena means kindness. Cozmeena Enlightened Living offers ways to help people live calmer, more peaceful, and meaningful lives, whether it's knitting a Cozmeena Shawl, reading the stories of life-experience and inspiration that became the foundation of the Cozmeena philosophy, receiving or giving a Pocket Heart for luck and love or making recipes for yummy, healthy comfort food. Lisa is presently writing her first book, 9/11 Healed Me: Finding the Silver Linings from Traumatic Events, which will be published in 2017.