Radio Episodes
9/12/2017 leadership-behaviors-that-build-employee-trust

Leadership Behaviors That Build Employee Trust

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
It is said that trust is a lot like oxygen. Everybody knows when its present and everybody seems to feel it when it’s not. It is also the main reason professional (and some personal) relationships fail. Listen Now

7/18/2017 retention-and-recognition-strategies

Retention and Recognition Strategies

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
Which comes first, employee retention strategy or recognition? What do employees want and why do they leave? What are the drivers of employee retention and engagement? Listen Now

6/13/2017 what-i-didnt-do-on-my-summer-vacation

What I Didn't Do on my Summer Vacation

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
Remember when you were kids and anticipated summer vacation? The feeling of sheer joy, being “free” to do whatever and having the time to do! Listen Now

5/30/2017 give-back-time-alla-breve

Give Back Time - Alla Breve...!

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
“Alla Breve” is Italian musical term for “cut the playing time” or play faster. There is some wisdom here to share as we are often faced the reality of “doing less”, ie cutting the time or “doing more” aka playing faster. Listen Now

4/11/2017 hows-your-attitude-indicator

How's Your Attitude Indicator?

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
The attitude indicator on an airplane is very important. It informs the pilot of the orientation of the aircraft relative to the horizon, so it must be correct at all times regardless of the plane's movements. Listen Now

2/28/2017 how-to-use-outside-resources

How to Use Outside Resources

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
Who are your Trusted Advisors? What do you intend them to do for your organization? Do you need a Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker, Onboarder, Mentor, Board Interfacer or some other type of resource? Listen Now

2/7/2017 pushing-for-results-move-the-needle-with-ipush

Pushing for Results? Move the Needle with iPUSH

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
A fresh new year is well underway and we are into an intense time known as “Q1”. Are things unfolding as you had planned during strategy sessions at the end of 2016? If so, great and congratulations. Listen Now

12/20/2016 best-practices-from-leaders-we-coach

Best Practices From Leaders We Coach

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
We are blessed to work with amazing leaders all over the globe, and we are going to share some of the tools, tips and best practices from leaders we work with. Listen Now

12/13/2016 are-you-ready-to-compete-for-talent

Are You Ready to Compete for Talent?

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
Are you ready to Compete for Talent? As our economy cycles things change and people move. According to recent job satisfaction surveys, about 1 in 3 workers will change jobs in the next 6 months, (Saba), 49.5% of employees are "not engaged" and another 16.5% are “actively disengaged." Listen Now

11/8/2016 taking-time-to-be-present

Taking Time to be Present

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
Are you achieving important desired outcomes for the day, the week, month or year? Are you managing your time or is it managing you? Does it feel like there is never enough time to focus on what is really important to you? Listen Now

11/1/2016 behind-the-managers-closed-door

'Behind the Manager's Closed Door'

Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership
Do you ever wonder what happens behind the closed door? Are you curious if you are having the right types of conversations with your employees? Listen Now