Ms. Desiree  Doubrox

Ms. Desiree Doubrox

As an entrepreneur since the age of 12 Desiree has always been the founder/owner of her own businesses. Such as the Marina Mermaid, A Models Media, Lookin’ Good productions and Celebrity Auctions to only name a few. After leading a successful career in real estate since 1989 as a broker, investor and creator of a seminar series, Desiree, a divorced mom of two sons saw that very capable, intelligent women were letting outside forces stand in their way of making and perusing their investment choices. So in 2006 she started inviting women into her home with the intention of empowering them to go forward with their dreams. An Empowered Woman has developed into an exclusive global networking community and resource center for women professionals and entrepreneurs, supporting women who are starting, fixing or building their businesses. As a result of her affiliate associations the community has grown to over 53,000.