Ian  Nazzari

Ian Nazzari

Ian Nazzari, CEO of Huru Systems, has created and patented the next generation Supply Chain Platform to help Utilities with the more complex issues dealing with physical assets in the organization. From creating a smoother work flow and validation process of assets returning from the field, to real time inventory management, Huru Systems solution tracks assets from birth in factories to end of life write-off. Ian is also CEO of NIC Products Inc., a company that specializes in developing security seals that improve and streamline security measures for Utility companies. He has spent 20 years developing innovative security products and building a high volume, high quality and ISO Certified manufacturing operation in a Mexico, a free trade zone. Through the Maquiladora (NAFTA) program, Ian manufactured millions of his own products and has capacity to build high-volume plastic and metal products for other companies. He does business in 44 countries worldwide and holds 6 patents.