Judith  Perle

Judith Perle

Judith co-founded Management Advantage (www.ManAdvan.com), when she realized that although many pride ourselves on having the hard skills to get the job done, these technical skills often only ‘get you through the door’. Success depends on the ‘softer’ interpersonal skills, especially professional networking – the ability to build relationships of trust. She runs workshops & masterclasses for companies, professional organizations & business schools in the UK & elsewhere in Europe.
She was Brand Development Director for Dorling Kindersley, & Brand Liaison Director for the Superbrands organization. She has created & edited books & magazines on subjects from gardening to interior design for household names such as Reader’s Digest, HarperCollins & Time-Life books.
Judith connected the two strands of her career by writing, with Tony Newton, The Network Effect, A practical guide to making – and keeping – the connections that can make your world go round (www.TheNetworkEffect.co.uk).