Stacey  Stilts

Stacey Stilts

With over 28 years of experience in a corporate environment, Stacey Stilts brings a strong level of the professionalism, respect for procedures, protocol and understanding of corporate dynamics that is necessary in today's marketplace.
In 2009 she founded Green Line Beauty featuring only pure, natural, organic skin care and cosmetics. She carefully evaluates every product offered based on formula quality, effectiveness, and purity to make it easier to make confident product choices. She feels it is important to help educate customers and create awareness of the ingredients contained in the substances used on our skin. Beauty products are easily absorbed into our bodies. Many of the chemicals in cleansers, moisturizers and cosmetics are potentially harmful. This is why she stocks only clean products containing healing botanicals, whole foods and pure essential oils. Stacey guarantees that all the products that she carries are made with only pure, therapeutic ingredients.