Sofie  Pirkle

Sofie Pirkle

A 5th Degree Black Belt international judge, artistic director of a San Francisco dance company, bodywork teacher trainer, experience in litigation as a translator of cult language and doctrine, rock climbing the limestone cliffs of Thailand, Sofie makes choices between teaching international governments how to support survivors of human trafficking and child sex slavery, and working on leadership projects with highly influential celebrities. She is fiercely devoted to showing up for all of the parts of herself, her clients, and her communities to support them to feel relief, love and safe while shining and living a luscious and lucrative life.
A Badass Leader is having the courage lead our own lives. Whether it's through her books, home study programs, participating in her workshops, or working privately with her, Sofie turns Survivors into Badass Leaders. Sofie's courageous devotion to your journey will touch your heart and ease your soul.