Jacquie  Farquhar

Jacquie Farquhar

Jacquie Farquhar is a curator of inspirational events. She is passionate about creating environments that uplift people, because she knows personal empowerment will change the world. Jacquie’s JoyFULL Events, founded in 2009, is a business she has dedicated to producing events for motivational entrepreneurs, with integrity and respect.
Planning events since she was eleven years old, she learned the ropes of the Hospitality industry early in her adult career, and was soon coordinating events for 500+ people. Jacquie started her first business with $200 and within four years grew it into $250,000 by applying her impeccable discernment, infinite resourcefulness, and innate rapport. She knows what needs doing, and leverages her adaptive and agile nature to resolve problems in the moment.
It is truly a joy for Jacquie to see an event come together, and it gives her deep satisfaction to being a foundational role in her client’s success.