Shaun  Nath

Shaun Nath

Shaun Nath is the co-founder and CEO of M.R.K.T., responsible for the brand’s strategic direction and growth.
A California-native, Shaun got his start working for Quiksilver in France, before moving to Shanghai to consult on product and upstream operations for clients in the action sports and retail industry. While in China, he also helped coordinate store roll-outs for several major US fashion retailers in the Chinese market, before founding M.R.K.T. with his friend Tom Pen.
Together, the two have grown M.R.K.T. from a small project between friends to an international accessories brand, available in more than 20 countries and 300 points of sales around the world.
Known for his innovative thinking and creative campaigns, Shaun continues to consult for a number of fashion and lifestyle brands in addition to managing M.R.K.T., and is uniquely connected to the pulse of the industry as both a businessman and influencer in his own right.