Lisa  Hywood- Tikki Hywood Trust

Lisa Hywood- Tikki Hywood Trust

Lisa Hywood established the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe in 1994, in honor of her father, Tikki Hywood. The Trust is a wildlife oriented not-for-profit organization, focused on the pangolin and smaller and lesser-known endangered animals, and to address gaps in conservation left by the immense focus on larger and more charismatic wildlife. One such enigma is the Pangolin, now a priority species for the Trust. From broad spectrum beginnings which involved translocation of elephants and rescue and rearing orphaned animals, to more specific conservation actions of addressing laws that protect wildlife and the environment, the Trust has developed a multifaceted approach to the preservation of our global heritage. Lisa Hywood has been at the helm since inception in the capacity of Founder and CEO.