Diana  Stone, DVM, PhD, Dipl.ACVPM, MPH

Diana Stone, DVM, PhD, Dipl.ACVPM, MPH

Dr. Diana Stone is a Professor in the Pathobiology Department at SGU. She teaches veterinary immunology and participates in the veterinary public health course. Her research interests focus on infectious diseases and, in particular, zoonotic pathogens. Dr. Stone's current research projects include studies on vector-borne diseases in dogs, and zoonotic viruses in bats in Grenada. Dr. Stone was the faculty advisor for the One Health One Medicine community outreach clinics held in Grenada. Dr. King was the SGU SVM student at the time who first initiated these community service clinics. More recently Dr. Stone helped to organize an SGU SVM hosted rabies diagnostics training course. To build on this experience of training Caribbean nationals, Dr. Stone, applied for an NIH training grant to conduct graduate level training on vector borne diseases. It is hoped that this kind of training will better prepare the region in preventing and responding to outbreaks of vector borne diseases.