Mike  Lew, M.Ed

Mike Lew, M.Ed

Mike Lew, M.Ed., a psychotherapist and group therapy leader in Western Massachusetts, is director of The Next Step Counseling and Training Centre. As a cultural anthropologist specializing in the field of Culture and Personality (Psychological Anthropology), he worked with the late Margaret Mead and Colin Turnbull. After further training in Counseling Psychology, he became a leading expert on recovery from sexual child abuse, particularly issues of male survivors.
He has worked with thousands of men and women in their healing from the effects of sexual child abuse, rape, physical violence, emotional abuse and neglect. The development of strategies for recovery from incest and other abuse, particularly for men, has been a major focus of his work as a counselor and group leader. His publications include Victims No Longer: The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse.