Simon.T.  Bailey

Simon.T. Bailey

Renowned speaker & author Simon T. Bailey is the leader of the “brilliance” movement – helping more than 1 mil-lion people find their brilliance, shift their thinking & produce sustainable results. According to The Speakers Experts, Simon is one of America’s top 10 most booked corporate & association speakers. In 2015 Simon was inducted into the prestigious National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. In 2003 Simon founded his own company to teach companies & individuals how to grow their most important as-set – people. He has spoken on six continents to 1,000+ organizations including AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft & Toyota. His previous work experience includes serving as the first African American sales director at the world-renowned Disney Institute based at Walt Disney World Resort® Resort. Simon has authored seven books including Release Your Brilliance (HarperCollins) & Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You Inc.(SoundWisdom)