Drew  Abrahamson

Drew Abrahamson

Drew Abrahamson is the founder of Captured In Africa Foundation and Captured In Africa Exclusive Safaris, and she has become a key figure in big cat conservation efforts. The foundation was born out of a pure love and passion for the African bush and a particular love for big cats. With her family’s involvement in wildlife rehabilitation and rescue, Drew grew up around rangers and wildlife veterinarians and had many a close encounter with wild animals. Out of these experiences, she has cultivated a deep love, understanding and mutual respect for Africa’s wild places & her animals. Following this background, Drew began taking a more active role in conservation and has gone on to apply that lifelong passion into effort on the ground. Drew also is part of the team at Walking For Lions and the Global March For Lions events and with former employers Derek & Beverly Joubert, and for Gareth Patterson’s book, ‘My Lions Heart’.