Natasha  Kelly

Natasha Kelly

Tash is a dreamer, explorer, creator and muse with a dash of wild child and hint of nerd. She was born seeking, which has taken her down some fascinating rabbit holes: A degree in Psychology, Living In Process Healing Work, Tantra, Taosim & Sacred Sexuality, Vipassana Meditation, Shamanic Work, Quantum Touch, Parenting & The Continuum Concept, as well as exploring many different spiritual teachings from ancient and modern Masters. In 2014 Tash connected with a level of magic she never believed possible. Whole new worlds of possibility opened up for her, along with a new sense of courage, self-love and trust. Then, THE BIGGY, Law of Attraction (LOA) hit Tash's world and some kind of cosmic light bulb exploded in her brain - a thrilling sense of remembering. Since then Tash has been embodying and practicing LOA principles. She is "ALL-IN" and the magic, and the possibilities are blowing her mind. Now her Dream is BIG: An Awakened World - A New Eden - A world of abundant, creative JOY.