Mike  Frampton

Mike Frampton

Ontario Remediation Services (ORS) was formed in 2010 by Mike Frampton and Dave Colterman, two bio-hazard remediation technicians with over ten years experience in the industry between them. Mike and Dave also have years of prior experience in related fields, including construction, disaster restoration, and health services. We believe it is possible to provide safe, thorough cleaning solutions, while still maintaining compassion and respect for our clients. By bringing together innovative techniques and competitive pricing, we strive to do our part quickly and efficiently so our clients can move forward.
By fostering partnerships within the industry and in the community, we also try to provide the most comprehensive services possible. In addition to our work with private home owners and property management companies, we have worked alongside community non-profits, health professionals, various contractors, and local, provincial, and federal police services. ORS is certified by IIC