Amytza  Maskati

Amytza Maskati

Amytza Maskati is the epitome of connection across the world of languages, cultures, families, communities, and of course, in love.
Amytza is the only daughter born & bred in culturally diverse Edison, New Jersey to her Puerto Rican Catholic mother & Indian Muslim father & grew up with two younger brothers.
Amytza is a self-proclaimed "traveling sponge" who has developed her career connecting to people as a member of 20 organizations as an actress, singer, dancer, Spanish language/culture educator, and Zumba fitness instructor. She lives "soaking up" languages and cultures studying in 3 countries and working in 10 different cities after visiting a total of 23 countries & 35 U.S. states in less than three decades of her lifetime.
Currently, Amytza is a private in-home and traveling on-set tutor & educational consultant living in Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her background in performing arts, journalism/media studies, Spanish translation/interpretation, and public speaking.