Christoff  Weihman

Christoff Weihman

Speaker, Author, Trainer, Service & Hospitality Expert, Service Elevater President-ASPIRE Enterprises- Advancing Service Performance, Inspiring Restaurant Excellence Author-Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service –Released January 2015 the Principles in Getting to WOW! are applicable across all industries. Whether one has customers, clients, patrons, guests, patients or employees-this book will equip and inspire the Service professional to elevate the level and quality of Service they provide. Throughout his career, Christoff has served in various capacities-as a server, bartender, wine sales rep, catering sales manager, event planner, and banquet service manager. He has worked for Wolfgang Puck in Hollywood; Darden Restaurants, as well as other establishments in St. Louis, Los Angeles, and at the Hyatt in Guam and Nikko Hotel in Saipan. He has spent many years in Sales & Business Development, as well, including in the automotive industry