Pippa  Hankinson

Pippa Hankinson

Born on the remote Nyika Plateau in Malawi, Pippa Hankison grew up in wilderness. After moving to Swaziland on family farm, she then went to London to study marketing. Pippa returned to South Africa and spent 20 yrs. in high-end eco-tourism. Following the sale of her business in she returned to her wilderness roots, supporting a number of environmental initiatives close to her heart. The next ten years she served on various boards of conservation organizations, and KZN Conservation Trust and Wildlands. Following a shocking visit to a lion-breeding farm in South Africa, she began exposing the industry cruelty and abuse of farming lions bred for the bullet. She founded Regulus Vision to produce the feature documentary ‘Blood Lions™, sweeping across the globe in 2015, it blew he lid of the canned lion industry. Still actively involved in the ongoing campaigns to bring an end to captive predator breeding and ‘canned’ hunting in South Africa.