Ann  Kaiser

Ann Kaiser

Ann Kaiser is a STEM education consultant and CEO of ProjectEngin LLC. As an experienced engineer and educator, her efforts are aimed at the seamless inclusion of Engineering in K-12 education. Ann has degrees in Metallurgical Engineering (BS) and International Affairs (MIA) from Columbia University, and is a lifelong advocate of engineering as a platform for creative global problem-solving and innovation. After 15 years as an educator, Ann was named a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher in 2013. She spent six months in Singapore evaluating the role of Engineering Design projects as Performance Tasks in secondary physics classes. Ann was named a Top Overseas Teacher by the Singaporean Ministry of Education in 2014. In March 2015, she was the keynote speaker at the national Danish Big Bang Conference in Roskilde as a guest of Engineer the Future Dk. ProjectEngin provides professional development and curriculum design services aimed at making Engineering a part of everyone’s education.