Jeremy C.  Thomas

Jeremy C. Thomas

Leveraging his experience with design thinking, Jeremy C. Thomas works with companies large and small to push boundaries by challenging convention. He is involved in his own projects as Carom, as well as with SAP to drive Envision workshops. He embraces a philosophy of innovation to ensure being present in every moment to create the most value for the most people. Carom brings together a network of seasoned thinkers, modelers, ideators and business architects that believe innovation is a discipline, not a result. Our experience guides us, but our vision always leads us. Our team is invested in yours, working alongside the talent you’ve assembled to help direct energy and resources to the right places. We bring a diversity of perspectives, experience and skillsets to teams poised to act on what comes next—or sometimes, what comes first. There, at the inception of innovation, we work to focus your thinking, discover new paths, and to shape the ideas that will transform our world.