Stef  Sifandos

Stef Sifandos

As a Mindset & Transformational Coach, Stef is here to transform. First himself and then through examples of Sovereign Leadership assist others in connecting to the most true, authentic and real version of themselves. Stef chooses to focus on the gap - the gap between where one is and where they wish to be. By understanding that gap we reach an empowered, conscious place of being that allows us to live authentic, balanced and fulfilling lives. We then align with our highest values and here lies great power to transform, inspire, lead and evolve. Stef has degrees in: Science & Philosophy; Environmental Science & Commerce & Entrepreneurship with a focus on Leadership Development. He has been a part of the Health & Wellness Industry for well over a decade with training in Ayurvedic Medicine, NLP, Psych -K(r), Hypnosis, Media and Public speaking, Group Facilitation, Holistic Health, Life Coaching and High-intensity training methodologies. Stef can be contacted at