Katie  Cleary

Katie Cleary

Katie Cleary is a Model /Actress and Producer / Animal Advocate, working to protect animals around the globe. Katie got her start on the hit TV show “America`s Next Top Model” and most recently co-starred on “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Two And A Half Men.”
Katie’s passion is animal welfare, she founded the animal protection organization “Peace 4 Animals (www.peace4animals.net) in 2012 and is a leader in the animal welfare community in Los Angeles, as well as internationally.
Katie is the creator and executive producer of the Award-Winning Documentary “Give Me Shelter” on Netflix which highlights the most important animal welfare issues worldwide and the people who protect them.
Katie is also the creator and the editor-in- chief of the “World Animal News” network (www.WorldAnimalNews.com) which highlights the latest breaking animal welfare issues happening every day around the world.