Linda  Wasil

Linda Wasil

Linda Wasil, CFMW, is a coach, intuitive counselor, international best-selling author, body worker and speaker. She has always been a seeker and has studied a wide variety of healing techniques including Reiki, Healing Touch, EFT, TM meditation and countless others. However, in her practice today, Linda primarily uses tools from the body of work known as Access Consciousness™. She is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness™, Certified Access Bars Facilitator™ and an Access Body Process Facilitator™.
For over 16 years, Linda has facilitated clients all over the world in living their dream of a happier, more fulfilling life through individual sessions, workshops and presentations. She is the author of “Beyond the Stigma of Abuse,” a provocative book that explores abuse in a totally different way. She is a contributing author of five other books including the Amazon Bestseller “Speaking Your Truth: Volume II”.