Nikki  Alstedter

Nikki Alstedter

Nikki is fascinated and inspired with the incredible design of the human body and the integration of the mind body spirit connection that moves us through life. She started her movement journey as a dancer at age 14. With her ignited passion she performed and choreographed professionally as a contemporary jazz dancer and aerial acrobat in Los Angeles, Japan and across Europe. In her travels she was introduced to various forms of bodywork and healing modalities that lead her to study craniosacral massage therapy and Pilates. The Pilates principles of posture and dynamic alignment presented an arena of vast healing potential that guided her educational path and experience. Nikki had the good fortune to apprentice with a team of chiropractors that developed an energetic healing system called Quantum Kinetics. For several years she has been mastering this gentle hands-on approach that utilizes the body’s electrical and myo-fascial system in relation to structural stability.