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10/18/2018 early-decision-trends-fast-applications-listener-questions

Early Decision Trends; Fast Applications; Listener Questions

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Binding Early Decision, ED for short, isn’t for everyone. But it’s important to understand the trends in how colleges are using these programs and what that can mean for your chances at an institution that presents it as an option. Listen Now

2/4/2016 parents-please-dont-be-more-memorable-than-your-students

Parents: Please Don't Be More Memorable than your Students!

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Standing out in the college admissions process is a great thing. Unless you're the parent, and not the student. Listen is as we share horror stories of parents who are more memorable than their students and get a better understanding for just how much this can hurt applicants in the process. Listen Now