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4/28/2022 waitlists-a-seniors-admissions-story-tax-season-college-saving

Waitlists; A Senior’s Admissions Story; Tax Season College Saving

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Did you receive one of the dreaded “not a no but not a yes” waitlist offers? There are some strategies you can employ, and we’ll share them on the show today. It’s also tax season, and we have some tax-advantaged ways for you to save for college. Listen Now

9/29/2016 schools-in-completing-the-fafsa-public-health-majors-and-pre-med-students

School's In! Completing the FAFSA : Public Health Majors and Pre-Med Students

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Ever wonder what public health majors are all about? Catherine Ettman, director of strategic initiatives at Boston University’s School of Public Health will join us to share more, including what the major entails, which schools offer it, why students interested in pre-med should consider it, and what a career in public health looks like. Listen Now

11/12/2015 ive-applied-ea-andor-ed-now-what

I've Applied EA and/or ED: Now What?

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
With the November 1 Early Action and Early Decision application deadlines behind them, many students and parents are wondering what they should do now that the applications are in. Listen Now