Ms. Micaela Bubola  Paseri

Ms. Micaela Bubola Paseri

Micaela Bubola Passeri, born and raised in Florence Italy, is an Inspirational Fashion Designer, Speaker, Author and Workshop Leader specializing in empowerment clothing and experiential workshops to help those on their soulful journey of self-discovery, self-confidence and self-love. She creates profound shifts in life patterns and has helped hundreds of women love who they are; her most powerful tool, her inspirational clothing line: “Love You Revolution”; her most powerful message “I Love Who I Am”. Her clothes are tools for empowerment and inspiration that make you feel more confident, self-assured and all around good! The clothing line was inspired by the desire to create something that would uplift and empower women to feel confident in who they are and connect with their truth by living in the experience of Love on a daily basis.