Jimmy Destri

Jimmy Destri is a born and bred Brooklynite having lived in around the New York City area his entire 54 years. He currently lives in Windsor Terrace with his wife Roberta and their children James, 11 and Rienna, 3. Though still a partner of the band Blondie, Jimmy is currently serving as a full time drug counselor/therapist at NYC's Carnegie Hill Institute while pursing his drug and alcohol license at NYC's C.U.N.Y. At Carnegie Hill Institute, a long established and respected outpatient recovery center in New York City, Jimmy spends 5 days a week helping some of the city's acute and chronically addicted find new life and hope, using the newest therapeutic tools of the trade. He claims that he's been incredibly lucky, not once in life, but twice, having found a new calling that he's equally passionate about.