Lizzy  Treeheart

Lizzy Treeheart

Lizzy Treeheart is a holistic physical therapist, incorporating traditional physical therapy along with osteopathic techniques and intuitive counseling. She grew up in the midwest in a small farming community. She was not exposed to homosexuality while growing up, even though one of her brothers is gay. His homosexuality was never talked about in her family until her adult life. Lizzy first came out after she married then divorced her husband. However, she later resisted being a lesbian and went back into the closet because of her own fear and the stigma in our society. Later, she realized that not dealing with her sexuality was damaging her soul, so she got help and came out a second time. She now feels the relief and relaxation of accepting herself for who she is. Since she continues to experience and hear of situations that warrant fear, she would like to put an end to this by talking about it and bringing it out in the open. Lizzy lives in San Diego, CA.