Kathy  Pobloskie

Kathy Pobloskie

Kathy Pobloskie is a full-time, volunteer animal welfare advocate that has grown tired of the poor leadership and faulty thinking that results in the killing of four million companion animals a year in America. She feels that the best chance for change is to educate the public about effective policies and programs that can stop the killing. She is the Co-Director and Co-Founder of Lost Dogs of America (founded in 2012). She leads groups of volunteers who provide no-cost resources to the owners of lost dogs to increase the chances of locating and being successfully reunited with their dog. LDA also provides education for dog owners on preventing the loss of their dog. The program also benefits local animal control and shelters by decreasing the number of “owned strays” entering the animal control/shelter system and increasing the chances of finding an owner once the dog is in their care.