Radio Episodes
7/29/2017 on-the-floor-at-superzoo-2017

On the Floor at SuperZoo 2017

Pet Lover Geek
SuperZoo 2017 is finally here! Lorien has headed down to Las Vegas to check out all the new and exciting pet products currently or coming to the market. Listen Now

7/8/2017 lost-pet-prevention-and-recovery

Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery

Pet Lover Geek
We don’t ever want to think of our pets getting lost. We may even make excuses that our dog never leaves our side or our cat is too fearful of leaving our home. Listen Now

1/7/2017 pets-in-space-and-the-cloud

Pets in Space and The Cloud

Pet Lover Geek
A fun look at the history of dogs and cats in sci-fi film and television. Plus, we talk with an internet security expert about how to keep your data safe while using great new online tools for your pets. Listen Now