Andi  Rive

Andi Rive

Andi Rive has invested her life and savings building Love Lions Alive, to provide life and land for rescued lions. The lions at the sanctuary are purchased from breeding facilities or lion parks selling trophy hunts, or purchased by compassionate souls to be sent to Andi’s facility to be cared for and loved throughout their natural life. Funds are needed as well to continue to build natural habitat enclosures that also meet safety guidelines. is not a ‘tourist facility’ and the lions are not on display to visitors. Andi and the lions need you. LLA appeals to volunteers to stay and work for a short while to get to know these incredible beings. If you would like to participate, contact Andi to learn more. Meet Andi and her lions during our interview with WildiZe, on our Facebook pages and WildiZe YouTube channel.