Yanni  Maniates

Yanni Maniates

Yanni Maniates is currently the North American Director of the India Mystic Express Journeys and the UDAY Interspiritual Music Festivals as well as the 1God.com Interspiritual Online Education Program. Also, he is Director of Eco-Ministry, Forum 21; event coordinator, The Interspiritual Network; and editor, “Steering Toward the Omega Point: Roundtables 2 and 3: Discussions of Altruism, Evolution, and Spirituality.” In the 80’s he was the Director of an organization that hosted many major international, interfaith, ecumenical conferences. Also, he was the Director of a medium sized publishing company in NYC. As well, he has been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development and Hermetic and Perennial Wisdom teachings for nearly 30 years. The primary focus of his work has been to help people experience the still, small voice within or as he prefers to call it: The Embrace. He is the author of six books on Meditation and Intuition and three Meditation CD's; see www.insideoutjourneys.com