Randy  Christensen

Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen is the President of the World Clown Association. In his President's Message, he writes, "We are a connected group of caring, comedic, family-friendly performers from all around the world.... Members from over 30 countries around the world! In 1982, the World Clown Association was formed in the U.S. by a group of visionary performers who wanted to see positive clown educational experiences offered to clowns around the world. Since that time, the WCA has been a leader in clown education, resourcing and networking. As the current WCA President, it’s my honor to help guide the present and future endeavors of this grand group along with our other elected officials and appointed directors. We are committed to helping YOU be the best clown you can be.... Our 2016 convention saw clowns from over 12 different countries converge in Orlando, Florida. The finest performances, the funnest friendships, and world-class educational sessions were shared. www.worldclown.com