Kenji  Kumara

Kenji Kumara

- Sharing the Joy of Awakening - (with the world)​ ​Helping Other To Thrive And Succeed ​Kenji Kumara is recognized​ ​world-wide ​as a spiritual catalyst and is the creator of Quantum Lightweaving​ and Sedona Vortex Activations​​. ​He serves as a "channel-holder and initiator" of expanded grounded awareness​ and provide​s​ ​a vibrational space for ​one's awakening, self empowered healing and ​soul mastery. With​ ​academic training in Education, Psychology and the healing arts, Kenji ​serves as a​ ​facilitator​ of ​ consciousness to assist those who wish to explore​ their personal path of ​​illumination and ​awaken to their Soul’s destiny and ​life ​purpose. Upon attending one of Kenji’s intensive ​retreats and online series, many have reported profound life changes and clarity on their life purpose Many receive ​on-goin g ​benefits such as stress relief, reversal of physical conditions and reduction and elimination of worry, anxiety and s​elf doubt.