Barbara Marx  Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is President of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution. A speaker, social innovator and author of five books, Barbara is an evolutionary educator, communicating the new worldview of conscious evolution. She is the producer and narrator of the award-winning documentary series, Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together. Part One: Our Story, is now translated into seven languages, and in Part Two: Visions of a Universal Humanity, she brings together some of the finest minds of our time, presenting us with positive, future scenarios for humanity based on the latest scientific, social and spiritual realities. She is developing a new educational program: The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution: A Critical Developmental Path with a design team formed by Rivers Edge, Sisters of St Joseph. Her educational program Gateway to Conscious Evolution is a global educational curriculum enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next stage of human evolution.